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“It Might Get Damaged” 0

“It Might Get Damaged”

Over my years as a CIO I’ve heard lots of reasons to not deploy something.  One of the most perplexing to me is the “it might get damaged” argument (or its corollaries, “it might go down,” “it might get hacked,” and “it might get stolen”).  It is very easy to give this kind of argument a very flippant response.  You know, like “and a meteor might fall from the sky and strike us dead”  (one of my personal favorites).  The reality is, though, that there is some interesting and nuanced conversation to be had regarding risk and risk tolerance when thinking about deploying IT solutions.

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Choice, Responsibility, and the Cloud

Earlier this week a conversation started on the EDUCAUSE CIO list regarding individuals (and departments) picking their own tools to perform their job functions even if it duplicates something offered centrally.  I responded with some partial thoughts that I thought I’d try and flesh out here.