Monthly Archive: November 2015


That is Never the Price We Should Pay

I was just listening to an interview with the always interesting Audrey Watters.  Those of you who follow Audrey’s work won’t be surprised by what she had to say, and that isn’t really what I wanted to highlight.  Near the end they began talking about blog comments and threats Audrey has received.  What I want to talk about is the almost throwaway comment the interviewer made with regards to that. Please follow and like me:


Learning to Tell a Story

At EDUCAUSE this year I took the opportunity to attend a pre-conference seminar entitled Weaving a Tale So Others Will Listen: Technical to Fantastical led by Crista Copp and Michael Berman.  This wasn’t just a “make your PowerPoint pretty” workshop (although we did spend some time on that), it was a full blown introduction to the art of story telling. Please follow and like me:


In Response to “‘Reclaiming Conversation’ at EDUCAUSE”

After a week at EDUCAUSE I’ve been catching up on my news need and happened upon this post from Josh Kim.  I feel as if this piece pre-supposes that the only kind of interaction that is valuable or useful is face-to-face interaction. Please follow and like me: