Monthly Archive: February 2017

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Private Colleges Have No Meaningful Role in Fixing the Cost of Higher Education

There, I said it.  I suppose I could have gone with the more clickbaity title, “What role do private colleges have in fixing the cost of higher education? The answer will shock you!”  But I didn’t.  You’re welcome.  This is a continuation of thoughts that have come up while reading Sara Goldrick-Rab’s  Paying the Price: College Costs, Financial Aid, and the Betrayal of the American Dream as part of Bryan Alexander’s online reading group.  This is, in theory, on chapters four and five, although I just finished chapter six, so it’s possible some of that chapter will creep in here.  Why do I think there is no meaningful role for private colleges? The answer, not surprisingly, is multifaceted.

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My EdTech Pseudo Manifesto

This year at the ELI conference in Houston, TX I’m going to be participating in the Leadership Institute.  Much to my chagrin, we have homework.  Thinking some about my colleagues who have begun advocating for teaching in the open, I thought I’d try a little learning in the open.  Fair warning though, this is also a little Tom Sawyer.  I’m going to be asking for your help at the end.