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  1. Rachel BIcicchi says:

    Thanks for writing this, Kyle. I thought the same thing when I saw this piece. While I am a bit more extroverted and do occasionally introduce myself to people sitting around me, I still would never have had the courage, as a “lowly” instructional designer, to just randomly walk up to a CIO like you or Melissa or Rae and introduce myself. However, when we’ve “met” on twitter first, it’s easier (for me at least) to approach a person. And it was good to see you again (we actually have met before, at one of the regional Educause meetings 🙂

  2. Kyle Johnson says:

    Mahalo for your comments. BTW, there is nothing lowly about an instructional designer, and I’m really sorry I didn’t remember meeting you at one of the regional meetings. That’s my bad.

    • Rachel BIcicchi says:

      In your defense, I think it was at breakfast, which would have been about 2 AM Hawai’i time, so you are forgiven!

  3. Mike says:

    One of the things I was struck by this year was a sense of fluidity between virtual and physical interactions at the conference. I feel like I was picking up conversations in one medium and transferring them seamlessly to another.

    One of my more interesting interactions was sitting at a table in the Social Media consituent group, and everyone immediately exchanging business cards. It occurred to me that the card was important as an artifact of a physical interaction, which still matters, but we wouldn’t have been in that room if it weren’t for our virtual interactions.

  4. Kent Brooks says:

    Nice piece. I have always been OK with chatting with people at conferences, but the ability to connect via social media is a total and complete game changer. I agree with Mike about the melting together of virtual and physical. It used to be that we talked about how in the world could we could use social media for more than telling people we were in line at the grocery store. This piece nails it. Nice work Kyle.

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