Not Everything Should Be a Differentiator

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2 Responses

  1. David Jones says:

    G’day Kyle,

    I agree with your summary. To use my words, not everything should be bricolage. There needs to be some “strategic” (or perhaps enterprise) work, but there needs to be space for bricolage. That’s the conclusion of the paper that most explicitly engages with this argument.

    And then there’s this bit of bricolage that I’ve implemented which seems to illustrate the type of tinkering you’re talking about. It’s based on data from the ERP (couldn’t happen without the ERP), but does something with the data that the ERP would never do.


    • Kyle Johnson says:


      Mahalo for your comment. What you’re doing makes much more sense than what I thought you were saying. ‘-) Institutions (and IT groups) need to provide space and “support” for interesting new uses of the data in the ERP. With a reasonable API and the right set of permissions that addresses regulatory concerns (mostly FERPA), I think that can be possible.

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