The Future of Education According to Rainbows End

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  1. Fantastic observations and reflections! What a rich post. Sharing this on Monday.

    One question: “the only specifically non-white characters are sideshows without much page time.” Isn’t the Gu family one half East Asian?

    • Kyle Johnson says:

      That’s a fair and interesting point. With both Alice and Mimi having anglicized first names, I almost never think of that unless I see their last name too. Maybe I’m asking too much of the book, but after reading The Broken Earth Series (the two out anyway) it’s hard to say a character is a well written minority just because they have a “minority name” attached to them. Mimi is a central character, but she feels to me like just a kid. The heritage doesn’t play in. And Alice is, to me, a background character without much to add. That could obviously change in the last third though.

  2. wendy says:

    online v f2f education
    synchronus v asynchronus
    recreating a learning environment made of <15 students and 1 experienced faculty facilitator and virtualizing that entire experience for all 16 individuals. What is the scalability of that endeavor, and what is the payout? Obvs the gains are an expanded range of student participation, but the cons, the lack of eye contact, office hours where a student can plop down in a cushy chair to vent, attend a study session/pizza party fail to compete with the live experience. Even the halfway point, the "blended model" takes careful consideration of what already exists, attitudes, culture, expectations, and the ever-present "get-your-checkbook-out" how much will it cost in stipend/course redesign grant funding. If you're prepared for the resistance with a solid mission/vision battlecry/ROI, the sea change may be embraced. It's not a OSFA model and what works here may not work there, and vice versa.

  3. Yacon Root says:

    Fantastic Site. Very much enjoyed reading.

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