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Big Changes Coming

Vorlon ambassador Kosh from Babylon 5 with the quote "and so it begins"

tl;dr After nearly seven years at my current institution, I’ve decided now is the right time to finish up there and move on to other things. I’ve given my notice and will be working through mid-July.

OK, that’s the short story. The long story is… well, longer. I turned 50 this year and apparently decided to experience my mid-life crisis with gusto and determination. I’ll have more to share later about the process of getting to this decision, but for now I’d like to talk about what I’m doing moving forward. I’ve been working in higher education IT for nearly 25 years, so the very first thing I’m going to do is take a break, see some extended family for the first time in a long time, celebrate the life of an uncle, and spend some time with my parents. After that? I’d say it’s a kind of a sabbatical – reading (I have my just arrived copy of Katie Rose Guest Pryal’s the freelance academic sitting on my end table), writing (which you can see I’ve been horrible at over the last 18 months), and finding the next thing about which I can be passionate.

In the very short term, this means I’m available for consulting. This site has been revamped to highlight some of my expertise, and if you’re at an institution and think I can help, feel free to reach out. If you know an institution looking for assistance, feel free to recommend me. And while I’m doing that I’ll be exploring “regular” CIO job opportunities back on the mainland of the US as well as what I guess you could call alt-alt-ac jobs with consulting firms or “ed tech” companies. I’d be happy to hear from anyone who either has opportunities like that or hears about them.

As I wrap up this post, I want to take a minute to thank my spouse, who has been an absolute rock through out this process. I mean, how many other spouses would let you resign on your 20th wedding anniversary? I’d also like to thank my circle of friends, mentors, and coaches. I have valued the support and input from each and every one of you and hope I can continue to lean on you through this transition.

Vorlon ambassador Kosh from Babylon 5 with the quote "and so it begins"


  1. Kyle, We welcome you back to the REALLY big island.

  2. +1 for using a Vorlon as the image for your post!

  3. Richard Katz

    Kyle, best of everything to you. And congratulations to you and your wife for having to courage to take this step. I called my wife from an airport in June 2010 seeking her blessing for my hope/plan/intent to step down at EDUCAUSE after 14 years. She agreed, I did and its been fun writing the next chapters of our story. Good luck writing yours. Please keep in touch.

  4. I did the same thing a year ago. Scared my wife (and maybe me a little) but knew it was right. Now a year later, I am so thankful I did. You will do great Kyle…..

  5. Steve Burrell

    Dude. Shaka.

  6. Beverly A Johnson

    …proud of you!

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