Our New Portable Green Screen Setup

On Monday our new portable green screen setup was delivered.  I managed to make it all the way until Tuesday to get it out and give it a first run.  We don’t have anyone on staff with any real experience with green screens, so we got Chris Mattia from Callinectes Training to do a consult with us, and as part of that we got an equipment list we used to guide our purchases.  Here are a couple of pictures of the rig setup in our faculty learning lab.

Green Screen 1

Green Screen 2

It’s a little cramped because I set it up on the wrong wall and those tables are a pain to move anywhere (we’re getting new furniture later this summer).  I think it took me about an hour to get everything setup (including actually reading the instructions for the green screen), and it didn’t take all that long to take everything back down either.  I think the thing that took the longest was figuring out how to refold the green fabric and get it back in its bag.  Once it was all setup, it seemed a shame to waste the effort, so I recorded a little video and figured out how the green screen stuff worked in iMovie.

Not to shabby for a couple of hours of work and $1,500 of hardware.  It’s pretty easy to setup, and I’m looking forward to seeing what our faculty do with this.

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