Summer 2015 Projects

As the spring semester winds down, the IT&S staff members are turning our attention to our summer projects.  There will be more details coming on many of these projects, but I thought it might be good to get the basic list out in one place.

Faculty Learning Lab

Funded jointing by a pair of Title III grants, we are renovating our training lab and converting it into a faculty learning lab.  The space will also serve as a technology test kitchen so we can try things out before moving them into the main formal learning spaces.

Upgrades to Learning Spaces

As part of one of our Title III grants we are upgrading a number of classrooms in our main teaching building (Henry Hall) to include new short throw projectors, large whiteboard spaces (via whiteboard paint), wireless connections to the projector (via AppleTV), upgraded sound, new media racks and lecterns, and Bluray players.  We’ll also continue to provide document cameras and DVD/VHS players (for as long as we can get them).  This is part of a five year project to upgrade all the formal learning spaces on campus.

Upgrades to Conference Rooms

Our Title III grant is also funding projects to add tele and video conferencing to three new conference rooms.  We’ll be using as our video conferencing provider and installing their Zoom Presence system in these three rooms.

Inter-Building Network Upgrades

Thanks to additional funding from our Title III grant we will be upgrading our core network to 10GB and increasing our internet bandwidth.  This is part of a five year project to upgrade all the wired and wireless network connections on campus.

Learning Platform Migration

We are selecting a new learning platform and will begin migrating (and recreating) courses in the new system sometime this summer.  We’re planning three summers (or about two full years) to migrate from our current system to a new one.

Google Apps Migration

Our students have been on Google Apps for a number of years.  This year we started migrating faculty and staff as well.  We should have everyone on Google Apps by the end of the summer.  Phase 2 of the project will involve migrating the students into the new primary domain so that everyone in the community can easily share and collaborate.

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